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2017 Rickenbacker 4003S 5 String Bass Guitar w/ Hard Shell Case

  • $900.00
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listed on: Aug 30, 2017
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New or used  New
Make  Rickenbacker
Model   Rickenbacker-4003S-5-String-Bass-Guitar-w-Hard-Shell-Case Rickenbacker-4003S-5-String-Bass-Guitar-w-Hard-Shell-Case Rickenbacker-4003S-5-String-Bass-Guitar-w-Hard-Shell-Case Rickenbacker-4003S-5-String-Bass-Guitar-w-Hard-Shell-Case Rickenbacker-4003S
Year  2016
Are you confident of the production year  Yes
Country of origin  japan
Right or left handed  Right
Overall condition  5
Describe your item's overall condition in detail.  2017 4003s 5 string bass. Converted from a 4 to a 5 string bass. The spacing at the bridge is 2 5/16" and the nut is a Carvin nut. The pickups have 3 additional pole pieces added to each pickup to ensure an even, full, and loud response on all 5 strings from both pickups.
Number of Strings  5
Description of fret wear  None
Color  mahogany
Finish/lacquer originality  Original Finish
Condition of Lacquer/Finish  brand new in box
Fret Originality  Original Frets
Tuners Originality  Original
Bridge Originality  Original Bridge
Case  Original Hard

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